Given that one of the hedge fund industry's largest events takes place this week (SALT), that the Sohn 2015 event featured an emerging manager session and that it's just capital raising season in general, I thought it might be appropriate to share a little unsolicited fund marketing advice in this week's blog. 

All too often, I hear about breakdowns in fund marketer/fund management relations. Fund management becomes disenchanted with how the asset raising process is going (read: slowly). Fund marketing feels pressured to raise assets for a fund that isn't performing well (read: poorly). Fund management feels that they (their three year old child, their neighbor's teenager or the guy on the street corner) could do a better job of bringing in capital. Fund marketing feels unappreciated (duped or downright angry) when bonus time rolls around. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

To help avoid these common problems, I've put together a Declaration of Fin-Dependence. It's always important to remember that capital raising is not a solo sport and, even though I've seen it come to this, it ain't a contact sport either. In order to achieve capital raising success ($1 BEELION dollars, world domination, Rich List, etc.), it is critical that management and marketers both set and manage expectations carefully and execute on their common goals. The less ambiguity, the better. So, take a moment to read this historic document and then think about adding your John Hancock before you go after the Benjamins. 

The Declaration of Fin-Dependence

AuthorMeredith Jones