Good News

According to HFR, emerging managers performed best during last 12 months, gaining 11.3% through 1H2014.


Diversity funds (women and minoirites have outperformed the HF universe at large during the last 12 months, gaining 11.1% through 1H2014


Marco/CTA funds led performance in August 2014. The beginning of a comeback?


Pattern recognition helps PE and VC firms recognize successful investments?


Seven high quality hedge fund start ups launching in London


CALPERS sticking with Private Equity despite "complexity and fees."


Companies founded by women yeild 12% more for their VCs and use 1/3 less capital


IFK will welcome two women to the stage in 2014, Nehal Chopra and Nancy Prial.


Hedge fund liquidations declined in 2Q2014 according to HFR.

Skill is back? Fed says "moderately active" outperforms passive investments.

NY Common's equity hedge managers exhibit "above averages stock selection skill.

Bad News

The largest, most established U.S. based hedge funds control more assets than ever before, with $1.8 trillion as of July 2014.


Many women and minority led hedge funds continue to struggle with AUM, and therefore face the same fund flow problems as other emerging funds.


156 trend following CTAs liquidated, the first decline in the number of CTAs since 2005.


But keeps VCs from hiring women & minority staff and investing in diverse founders?


Not a single female manager listed among them.


CALPERS decision to exit hedge funds used as a club in the fee war.


Women run companies received just $1.5b out of a possible $50.8 billion from VC firms


In the previous five years, only one woman, Meredity Whitney, had been included.


Trailing 12 month liquidiations was still the highest it has been since 2009.

Blackrock research shows "alpha trades" don't work.

Articles on HFs still act as if beating the S&P 500 is relevant.